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Crab Cracker - Red

Crab Cracker - Red

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The Appetito Crab Cracker is a seafood lover’s best friend. With rigid teeth for easy gripping, this crab cracker is the only way to crack open crustaceans like lobster and crab, providing easy access to the tasty, soft meat. Made from durable aluminium and coated in bright red enamel, you won’t have any problems locating this claw-inspired crab cracker in your kitchen drawer. It’s a fun and easy way to enjoy your favourite seafood.

Helpful hint:

To avoid waterlogged crabs, after steaming or boiling break open the body and let the excess water drain out. For lobster, cut the tip of each claw and hold it by the tail so any excess water can escape before eating.

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Heavy duty.
Handwash only.
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