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Aluminium Espresso Classic Maker 6 Cup

Aluminium Espresso Classic Maker 6 Cup

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The Classic Espresso Maker from Casabarista with traditional Italian styling is the perfect solution for professional barista made coffee at home. Brew your coffee with rich and intense flavour effortlessly from the comforts of home.

Use:  Fill the lower chamber with water, taking care not to fill beyond the pressure valve. Insert the filter funnel into the water chamber. Fill the filter with medium ground coffee. Do not pack the coffee down. Wipe away any coffee grounds from the rim before assembling the maker. Ensure that the filter and rubber gasket are in place on the maker. Screw the maker to the base by holding the maker itself (do not hold the handle while assembling as this may cause damage to the handle). Place the maker onto your cooking appliance and heat. Heating over a low to moderate heat will extend the brewing time resulting in a more full bodied flavour. Remove the maker from the heat as soon as the coffee has ceased flowing from the percolator. Serve the freshly brewed coffee in a heated ceramic Espresso cup with sugar to taste.

  • 6 cup.
  • Cast aluminium.
  • Traditional Italian design.
Care:  After use, allow the maker to cool slightly, disassemble and tap out the coffee from the filter funnel. Wash all sections in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Store in a dry place. To prolong the life of the gasket, do not store with the filter funnel inserted in the base. Clean external surfaces with a mild metal polish to maintain finish.
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