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Swissmar Epivac Wine Saver

Swissmar Epivac Wine Saver

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The Epivac Wine Saver is a practical and efficient solution for preserving the freshness of your remaining wine. This set includes a vacuum pump and two reusable wine stoppers. To use, simply place the wine stopper in the bottle, ensuring a secure fit, and then position the pump firmly in the center of the stopper. Pump until resistance is felt, creating a vacuum seal that helps maintain the wine's flavor and aroma. Releasing the wine stopper is a breeze; just tilt the valve stem inside the stopper, remove it, and serve your wine. With product dimensions measuring 6 x 1.5 x 6 inches, this wine saver is compact and easy to store, making it a convenient accessory for any wine enthusiast looking to prolong the enjoyment of their favorite vintages.

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