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Joie Bee Mini Honey Jar

Joie Bee Mini Honey Jar

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Mini-size, shaped like a beehive. Ceramic pot with a decorative wooden dipper topped with a cute bumble bee. The honey pot has a daisy handle on the lid and the body is painted with flying honey bees. Only three inches tall, this pot can be set on the counter or in your cabinet without taking up much room.

It's fun and practical to drizzle honey over tea, crackers, fruit, yogurt, waffles, iced tea, desserts and more using a wood dipper. The dipper drips less than a spoon does (helped by the twirling motion), and it won't taint the taste of honey the way metal can. This is a beautiful serving piece. Ceramic pot is dishwasher safe, wood dipper is hand wash recommended.


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