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Bon Appetit Light Green - Frame Oak - 68x84cm

Bon Appetit Light Green - Frame Oak - 68x84cm

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Bon Appétit Light Green Framed Art Print - À table ! Lunch is ready and it's time to pull up a seat to this playful pop art inspired piece bursting with fun-loving energy with a sophisticated edge. This abstract-inspired piece features French cuisine at its finest with a vase, glass of wine, cutlery, and a couple of fresh prawns all atop a checker tablecloth. The backdrop has a textured look to it that makes this piece pop even more in your space, with "bon appétit" written at the top of a scalloped design. Colour palette includes various muted blue and green tones, making it the perfect soft pop of colour for any space.

Bright, bubbly, oh-so-bold. We're so excited to bring you these whimsical creations by Britney Turner - an Australian artist who focuses on divinity, femininity, and letting you find solace in the magic of art.

Britney's pop art inspired pieces are a feast for the eyes, instantly bringing an energetic feel to your space with graphic designs, abstract shapes, often vibrant colours, and plenty of inspiration from French cuisine.

Each artwork comes in a different colourway to appeal to everyone's tastes, from bright to subdued, letting you find the perfect one to fit in with your space.

Whether you'd love a touch of European-inspired art in your home, or you simply love the beauty in abstract art, the Britney Turner 2023is for you.


  • Museum-quality giclee printed using archival inks and paper resulting in beautiful prints with no fading! 
  • Professionally mounted on foam-core to prevent rippling and warping, behind museum-grade plexiglass, within a quality moulding.
  • The frame profile measures 30mm wide and 45mm deep.
  • Comes ready to hang.
  • Please be aware that our timber frames are a natural product, and as a result, there may be slight variations in colour and grain between products of the same kind.
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